Uncommon Party Idea – A Horoscope Party

A Horoscope Party is a party theme that can be used for a shower or birthday.   The guest of honor should not only be familiar with their horoscope but horoscopic astrology.   Since astrology deals with stars, let the star be a focal point of the party.


Start with an invitation in the shape of a star.   Fold heavy paper accordion style, wide enough to have a star, 3” to 5” wide.   Draw the star on the top side and cut the star out with leaving the side star points connected to the other stars in the accordion folder paper.  This makes a chain of four stars.  You will need one chain for each guest.   On the first star in the chain, write “Horoscope Party”.  On the second star, write “Baby Shower” or what ever the type of party you are planning.  On the third star write the date and time of the party; and then on the fourth star, write the address and phone number where the party is to be held.  Now you have the invitations.


For an attractive center piece, use the theme of hitching your wagon to a star.   Here just get an 8” or 10” wagon, maybe a flower planter in the shape of a wagon, attach the tongue of the wagon to a candle which has a star attached to the top.  The wagon can be filled with flowers or other types of decorations. 


The final touch is to make a horoscope reading for each of the guests and the guest of honor.  For this you will need the birthdays of each guest.    Focus on the good and funny comments like best characteristics, lucky days and lucky numbers.  At the end of each individual horoscope, provide the reading for that specific day for each guest.  This is a couple sentences that can be as funny as possible.   Each guest can read their horoscope aloud to the others.


The guest of honor should be the last to read their horoscope and immediately follow with the gifts.


Note:  This is a continuing series providing party ideas that are a little different and unusual that you may want to use for your next party.


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    This article was quite interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week.

  2. Marcum Russel Says:

    if i could die early i would ask God if i could be your guardian angel, so i could wrap my wings around you and embraces you whenever you feel alone…

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