Happy New Year, Really!

Happy New Year, you probably have heard that a hundred times by now. Do people really mean it though? Yes, I believe they do, just as when someone says “Good Morning”. Both are a nice greeting from one person to another and then they go on about their daily lives. So Happy New Year and we really do hope you have the best year ever. Now it’s that time when people start making New Year’s resolutions, you know the ones they very seldom keep.


I have one resolution to recommend. This resolution is enjoyable, easy, heartwarming and healthy. You can’t say that about loosing weight or to quit smoking or to get in better physical condition. So what is it? Seriously and I mean seriously, associate more with your friends and family. Take more interest in your kid’s day at school, your spouse’s activities and your friend’s issues. I mean really take the time on a regular basis to communicate with the ones you love, with the ones that will support you for being you.


Most people go about their every-day lives in a fog, seeing but not really seeing the people around them. There’s always the small talk, the greetings, the conversations about the weather or yesterday’s ballgame. But how often do you really discuss how someone feels about their job or their concerns or their achievements. A gathering of friends should be more about supporting each other than about who one the football game. Learn to listen to others


What a perfect reason to entertain some family and friends. Get together, have fun, celebrate just being there. It’s been documented that people with good friends and family live longer and healthier.


So Happy New Year and truly enjoy your life’s most important things.


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