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Party Planning Ideas

Entertaining family and friends at home!

Party Decrations Party Flowers Party Planning DIY Party Ideas Party Games Party Food Displays


Book Bash

A list of party ideas for a book themed party.

Planning a Party Guide

A party planning list of essential steps to a successful party varies depending upon the number of guests and the social environment. Plan for success! Also tips.

Steps in Planning a Party

What are the steps in planning a party? What makes a good party? Here are a few things you can do to help make your birthday, anniversary, retirement or any party successful. Also tips, guide

Invitations; Review of competing internet sites

Review of different internet sites providing invitations.   Also printable invitation

Chocolate Cups – Fun Party Treats

Chocolate cups are a fun and elegant party dessert. They don't take a lot of talent or time to make, so try them out for your next party.

Balloon Raffle

A unique twist to a raffle drawing.    see also game, games

Who am I

A fun game for teens and adults.    see also games

True or False

A game that puts your guests to the test, to see who knows who.    see also games

Know that Movie

Put your guests to the test and see how well they act. See also game, games

Battle of the Sexes

A trivia game for the battle of the sexes.     see also games

Who’s Who?

A baby shower game that uses baby pictures of all your guests.    see also games

Water Squirt Battle

Test your skills at the water squirt battle. This is a great game for a hot day.   see also games

Marshmallow Shooter Challenge - Kids Party Game

Marshmallow shooters make for great party entertainment. Here is a simple game that can be played using marshmallow guns.

No Way!

A unique game where lying is a good thing.   see also games

Cartoon Character Craze

A fun and active game for kids.   see also games

Pass the Box

A unique trivia game full of surprises. See also games

Balloon Trivia

A fun trivia game full of surprises. See also games


Put your spelling skills to the test.  Great for classrooms.    see also games

All Mixed Up

Working as a team in this game is the key to your success.   see also games

Red Rover

A great game to release some of that bottled up energy!   see also games