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Guide To Holiday Planning

Always a season, always a reason to celebrate!

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Travel Documents

International Travel Tips for the necessary passports, visas and other government documents.  Apply months prior to your departure.  Airline travel is quick and easy if you have the correct documents.

Coloring Easter Eggs

It is amazing at how many different techniques you can find when decorating Easter eggs!

Easter Games - Egg Abduction

An active game that works great to get all that bottled energy out.

Easter Games - Lily Pad Relay

A fun race for kids using lily pads.

Easter Games - Musical Eggs

An Easter spin on musical chairs.  A fun game for younger children.

Waddling Race

A waddling challenge for younger players.  game

Easter Games - Egg Trivia

A fun Easter game that tests your player’s knowledge. 

Fun Easter Treats – Chocolate Easter Baskets

Make mini chocolate Easter baskets for an upcoming Easter party. They are simple to make and your guests will love them!

2008 2009 Holidays

List of Federal, Christian, Jewish, and other holidays observed in US and Canada.

Holiday Caribbean Travel Destinations

A travel destination to the Caribbean means blue waters, palm trees and beautiful beaches. So many places you can visit, things to see and activities on each island.

All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

Is an All-Inclusive Caribbean vacation package what you really want? You can save some time and money but give up the flexibility of your vacation activities.

Guide to Planning a Special Event

The key to a successful party is planning. Planning makes the tasks easier and the work more efficient.  The first thing to do when planning a party is to start with a notebook.

Table and Buffet Serving Styles

Meal serving styles are classified as Table Service and Buffet Service. The Table Service is typically formal and for fewer people. The Buffet Service is casual and for larger gatherings. Menu Serving Style

Cooking for a Crowd

 Entertaining 50 guests is not easy. It can be confusing when you need to determine the amount of food needed. Here even experienced cooks can use some basic cooking skills help.

Family Ski Resorts Colorado

Compare Colorado Ski Resorts to find which offers your favorite family activities. Not only is there great down hill skiing, but also cross country skiing, snow tubing, snow shoeing and much more.