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Birthday Fun and Games

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A Fun Gift Idea for First Birthday

A rocking chair makes a perfect gift for baby’s first Birthday or a present for any occasion.  I love to turn an unfinished rocking chair into a fun craft project and gift.

Directions for Making your own Piñata

Learn how to make your own unique Pinata for your next Birthday party or event.

Unique Balloon Party Favors

See what you can stuff inside a balloon for a fun party favor. You'll be surprised at what all will fit inside!

Balloon Drop

Forget the piñata and do something different. Have a balloon drop and fill your balloons with candy and prizes.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Suckers

Learn how to make chocolate covered marshmallow treats for an upcoming party.

Children Party Etiquette

Parties for children require a little different focus than planning a party for adults. Children need to stay busy with activities that can be completed in a short time period.

Jungle Safari Birthday Party

Discover some fun ideas to make your Jungle or Safari Birthday party a hit.

Karaoke Dance Party

We threw a karaoke birthday party for my daughter and it was a huge hit.

Princess Party Theme

Find many different fun ideas for your next princess Birthday party.

Dance Party

Dance Revolution is an interactive video game that made my daughter's birthday party a hit.

Spa Slumber Party

Have a spa party for your daughter's next birthday or just for fun. Get some close friends or family together, and have a great time with just the girls.

Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus Birthday Party

Have a your guests feel like rock stars at a Hannah Montana birthday party.

Scooby Doo Birthday Party

Get some great ideas for a Scooby Doo Birthday party.

Birthday Party Ideas for a Circus Theme

Here are some ideas to help you get started on a fun Circus theme Birthday party.

Party Hat Ideas

Making your own party hats can be a lot of fun.   Let us help you with some ideas.

Photographing Children

Photographing children creats an additional c hallenge , here a few helpful hints to keep in mind.    photography pictures

Party Ideas for a Little Princess

Fun party favors and activities for a princess Birthday party.

Homemade Gift for Dad

An easy and fun gift kids can make for fathers or grandpas. 

Gifts for a Daughter from her Dad

For my daughter’s Birthday I made her a CD of songs that remind me of her,  some of her favorite song, some of mine and a special song that I dedicated to her.   She loved the gift idea and plays it all the time.   Here are some ideas of great father and daughter songs.   

A Fun & Inexpensive Present Idea for Kids

WebKinz are a great gift that also provides a unique experience that kids can have online!