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Princess Party Theme

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Princess Invites

   In the invitations make sure your guests are aware of your theme, so they can come dressed in princess attire.

   Scroll invitations are perfect for a Princess theme. Start out by creating and printing your invitations on your computer. Off white paper works best. After they are printed, slowly burn the edges of the paper with a lighter to make the invitations look a little older. Next, cut small wood sticks an inch longer than your paper. You can purchase the sticks at most craft stores or Wal-Mart. You can also buy wooden ends for the sticks to give them an added elegant feel. The wooden ends typically have holes already in them, so all you would have to do is glue them in place. You can also leave the end of your sticks plain or add some ribbon for decoration. After your sticks are ready to go, super glue them to the top and bottom of the invitations. Now all that is left to do is roll them up and tie them off with a ribbon. See more invitations ideas

Food and Drinks

  • Rice Crispy Wands – Make star Rice Crispy treats (using a cookie cutter), and put a stick in the bottom of the star to make them look like wands. You could keep them plain or drizzle chocolate over them or add some sprinkles.
  • Sugar Cookies – Decorated with sprinkles and pink frosting.
  • Punch – Served in disposable wine cups, to make everyone feel a little more like royalty.
  • Pretzel Wands – Make wands out of pretzel sticks, white chocolate and some sprinkles.


  • Musical Wishes – Make some pictures with magic wands on them and one with a frog (you will need as many pictures as you have guests). Set your pictures up in a circle and have the girls go in a circle around the pictures dancing to music. When the music stops whoever is on the frog is out of the game. Then remove one wand and play again. Keep playing until there is only one player left and award them with a prize.
  • Dragon Piñata – Have a dragon piñata and see you can “slay” the dragon first with a wooden sword.
  • Gem Quest – Hid gems around your party area, and see who can find the most. You can buy plastic gems at your local craft store, or you can make your own gems out of paper or paint rocks for your gems.


   Decorate a special “throne” for the Birthday Girl. Make a sign to hang on the back of her chair and add some ribbons or streamers.

   Pink is definitely the color to go with. Use pink table cloths, paper products, balloons and streamers. You can sprinkle rose pedals over her table to give it a more elegant feel.

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