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Baby Shower Ideas

Tips on planning a shower theme and activities!

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Bottle Races

Have a bottle race at your next baby shower.  

Baby Food Mix Up

A baby shower game for your next shower.     see also games

Baby Ice

A game to see who's “baby” will be born first.     see also games

Baby Shower Mystery Bags

 See if your guests can guess what you have hidden in different bags.

Don’t say Baby

There is only rule to this game: don't say the word baby! You'll be amazed at how hard it is for your guests to refrain from saying the word baby!


Baby Shower Word Scrambler – Free Printable

Have your guest's race against time and one another to see how many words they can unscramble. A fun and simple game for a baby shower.

Download attachment(s): [ baby_shower_word_scramble_1.pdf ]

Baby Shower Word Search – Free Printable

Have your guests race to see who can finish a word search the fastest at your next baby shower.

Download attachment(s): [ baby_shower_word_search.pdf ]

Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Here some ideas I used for a teddy bear shower I threw for a friend. Hope you enjoy them!

Long Distance Baby Showers

Host a baby shower online. Your guests can watch the mom-to-be grow through her pregnancy and see the little one after delivery all online.


Have your guests guess the baby's arrival date, weight, time and length. You can even download a free printable chart to help you get started.   see also game, games

Download attachment(s): [ baby_shower_speculation_unisex.pdf ] [ baby_shower_speculation_for_girl.pdf ] [ baby_shower_speculation_for_boy.pdf ]

The Best Newborn Gifts

Find out the best gifts for an upcoming Baby Shower or birth.

How Big is the Mom to Be

A fun baby shower game that guesses how big mommy's tummy is.    see also games

Diaper Cakes for Baby Shower

Fun crafts to make for a baby shower!  Diaper cakes can make a fun centerpiece or decoration for any baby shower.     Get instructions to make your own baby shower cake.    

Crafts to Make at a Baby Shower

Have all your guests paint oneises for the new baby.  A fun craft project for all your guests to do at your next baby shower.

Baby Showers for Men

Host a baby shower for men that they will enjoy.

A Baby Shower to Spoil the Expectant Mom

Focus your next baby shower on pampering the expectant mom.

Diapering Blindfolded

Put your guests to the test in a game of diapering.    see also baby shower games

Baby Wars

Have a baby war for your next baby shower.     see also game, games

Making a Baby

See who has got the talent at your next baby shower.     see also game, games

Baby Memory

Test your guest's memory skills with a game of baby memory.    see also Baby Shower games, game