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The Best Newborn Gifts

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The Best Baby Gifts

   What are the best gifts for new babies? I talked to numerous moms trying to best answer this question. The number one response that I heard was larger baby clothes. Many moms appreciated smaller clothes, but would have rather had larger sizes. For one, they had already bought newborn clothes and babies outgrow them so quickly. Some larger newborns don't even fit into 0 – 3 months for more than a few weeks.

   The next popular response was diapers (size 1) and blankets. Diapers are very expensive and it is nice to have some on hand. The only problem with diapers is that some moms like certain brands. Huggies are a very popular brand to buy and are a little cheaper than Pampers.

   Some other responses were bath care, toys, books, onesies and gift certificates. Some other items that were rarer but well liked were: Tylenol, nail clippers, socks, crib sheets, thermometer and thick bath towels. Items like Tylenol aren't something new moms always think to have around and when you need them, you need them now.

  Most moms will receive duplicate items or will want to exchange the item for a different size or color, so it is nice to include a gift receipt. Some places are also friendlier when it comes to exchanging items. Wal-Mart and Babies are Us are good with exchanges and Target is IF you have a receipt.

   It is always nice to think about the new mom also. Here are a few ideas: new PJs, lotion, bath soaps, candles, picture frames, baby journal, necklace with baby's birth stone, etc. Preparing a meal is also a great gesture for when the new baby comes home.

   We would love to hear any other suggestions that you might have! Leave your comment below.

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March 02, 2008 - 09:26
Subject: Baby Gifts

I went to a Shower last month and in the invitation it assigned everyone a different size of clothes to buy (if you were going to buy clothes). The different sizes they requested were 0-3 mon, 3-6 mon, 6-9 mon, 9-12 mon or 12 - 18 mon. The host did a good job of asking, making us know that it was just a request to help provide a variety of sizes to the new baby. At the shower the new mom appreciated the different sizes, especially the larger sizes.

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