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Crafts to Make at a Baby Shower

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 Painting Onesies: A Fun Baby Shower Craft

          This idea is fairly simple. Find a good place to set up a paint table and have your guests paint onesies for the new arrival. Have some ideas in advance to help everyone out that may need it. You can print out some simple coloring books pages from the internet to help or buy stencils, sponges or stamps for easy ideas. Set up another table out of the way to set the finished onesies.


You will need:

-Paint - Paint markers and puff paint both work really well.

-Stencils, sponges or stamps (optional)

-Onesies - When buying your onesies grab different sizes so the little one will have a variety of sizes. If you come across any cheap plain shirts or sweats, they work well too. It is nice to have a little variety.

-Cardboard or Poster Board – You will want to put cardboard in your shirts.  The paint will likely go through the top layer and you don't want paint to end up on the back of your shirts. The snugger the cardboard fits the better, so the shirts won't slip around when your guests are painting them.

Good luck and have fun!















There are 2 comments
October 01, 2008 - 13:43
Subject: Baby Shower Ideas

Very cute! I am hosting a baby shower next week-end and plan on decorating onesies. I also bought iron ons and some transfer paper (this can be used to print out your own images on your computer and then iron them on your shirts). I thought this might help out the people that are nervous about painting.

March 16, 2008 - 18:01
Subject: Fun Baby Crafts

I had a friend throw me a baby shower a few months ago and all of the guests painted onesies. Now I have my little one and it has been so neat to put onesies on her that were made by family and friends. I love this idea! At my shower the host had everyone vote on the best onesie and that person won a prize.

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