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Diaper Cakes for Baby Shower

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Instructions for how to make a baby shower cake centerpiece

           Diaper cakes have been becoming very popular.  There are many ways to make your own diaper cake, so use your imagination and put some of your own touches and ideas into the cake.

You will need:

    -Around 80 diapers

    -An 8 oz. bottle or larger bottle of lotion (for the center of the bottom layer)

    -Ribbons, receiving blankets or towels to wrap around each layer

    -Baby toys or other necessities

    -Rubber bands

    -Safety Pins

    -Large platter or piece of cardboard to place the cake onto

1.  Start with rolling the diapers tightly from the top of the diaper down, holding it with a rubber band.

2.  Stack your diapers around your bottle (or wet one container if you want a rectangle cak e), then secure them with a rubber band.

3.  Keep adding diapers to your bottom layer of cake until you get your desired size.

4. Make your second layer of cake using the top half of the bottle as your guide.   S tacking or over-lapping the diapers against the bottle will help the different layers stay in place.

5.  Make your last layer, placing it on top of your second layer.   You can also use a bottle to connect these two layers if desired.   Some cakes have tape between layers to help them stay in place.

6.  After you have completed the inside of your cake, wrap each layer with either a ribbon, receiving blanket or baby towel.   Use safety pins to hold ev erything in place.

7.  Now you can decorate your cake with the baby necessities






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April 05, 2008 - 15:45
Subject: Diaper Cakes

Great Cakes! I have made a few in the past. I love to top off my cakes with baby botties and ribbon.

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