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Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus Birthday Party

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   We made our invites in the shape of concert tickets. I designed them on my computer and printed them out on photo paper. Then along with the tickets we added a short note with a disguise name for each of the guests. If you are not too familiar with the show, Miley (Hannah Montana) is a rock star but wants to live a normal life, so she disguises herself on stage so no one know who she really is. Therefore Miley's close friends and dad have to disguise themselves to come to her concerts so her secret won't be blown. This is the reason behind the disguise names for each of the guests. We also welcomed the guests to dress as someone else to fit their disguise name. This ended up being a very fun part of the party. The girls planned out different hair styles and outfits for the party.


   We cleared out a part of our living room for a “stage”. We hung CDs from the ceiling and had a “red carpet” leading them to our stage. We set up a karaoke machine for the girls to use and a small refreshment table. I also had streamers and balloons hanging down along the edge of the dance floor. We threw our bean bags in the living room for more seating.

Short Make Over

   As the girls arrived they collected in my daughter's room, giving one another final touches to their disguises.


   We didn't have too many games, I wanted the girls just to be able to hang out and have fun. The only game they played was the Hannah Montana DVD game. We picked this up for $10 and it was very worth it. The DVD gives them a bunch of different challenges and questions to answer. We had the girls team up and compete against one another for a Hannah Montana prizes.

   After the game was over the girls were loosening up a bit, so they moved into karaoke. After one got up, the rest started to follow. We had two microphones set up, so it was a little easier if they wanted to sign in a group.


   It was hard to find fun Hannah Montana favors that weren't too expensive. So we bought everyone a glitter pen and journal. On the journal we stuck a Hannah sticker on the cover, to stick with the theme. Then on the first page my daughter wrote everyone a thank you note for coming to her party and being a great friend.

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