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Party Ideas for a Little Princess

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                                                Princess Craft Ideas







       Here are some crafts that can be completed by your guests and some that you can prepare for party favors. They are all fairly cheap and easy to make.

Princess Hat

      There are so many different ways to make princess hats, from crowns to the cone shape variety. This one is fairly simple and can be decorated by your guests or just left plain.

You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Foam or Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Elastic


  1. Cut off your ribbon into 1 foot pieces.
  2. Print out a template for your hats or make your own.
  3. Cut out your first hat and attach your ribbon to the inside of the top of your hat.
  4. Roll your hat into a cone shape and tape the inside into place.
  5. Add small holes in each side and add the elastic strap.

Princess Wands

        Princess wands are fairly simple and cheap to make. Your guest will love to twirl them around. This is a simple project you can have completed before the party and hand out as party favors.

You will need:

  • Sticks (around 20 cents each)
  • A few rolls of Ribbon (around $1 each)
  • A bag of eye hooks (around $1.50)
  • Paint (optional)


  1. Paint your sticks if desired. They look great both painted or not. If you want to add a gloss finish to them, spray them with polyurethane after your paint is dry.
  2. Screw your eye hooks into the top of your sticks. This can usually be done without any tools.
  3. Cut your ribbon into 4 to 5 foot pieces. Use a minimum of 3 ribbons for each wand, the more ribbon used the better the wands will turn out. Then string them through the eye hook, so you have a couple feet on each side and tie them off.

Foam Picture Frame

         Picture frames are a great craft project for the kids. They are easy and cheap to make and something they can stick on their refrigerator. You can also send them out with your thank you cards with a picture of them at the party. All you will need is foam, an exacto knife, magnets, glue and decorations. The kids can decorate them with stickers, foam cut outs, fake jewels, markers, etc. Cut out the frames by using an exacto knife and straight edge, then glue on the backs and magnets before the party. The kids won't take up too much time for decorating; they are usually done within 5 minutes.






Jewelry Box & Necklace

        I found these mini jewelry boxes for a $1 a piece at Micheals. I bought paint markers and wood cut outs for the girls to decorate them with. My older daughter and friend were on hand to help out and touch up anything the girls wanted them too. If you have time spray them with polyurethane, this will give them a glossy look and protect the paint job.

       Along with the jewelry boxes the girls made a simple beaded necklace. The necklace only took most of them about five minutes.




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