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Dance Party

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Disney Dance Revolution – A Great Party Game

   Dance revolution is a dance game that comes with one or two dance pads and DVD. You can also buy dance revolution for your playstation, wwi or xbox. It is very popular with all ages. They have a number of different versions of dance revolution games for different ages and interests. We have the playstation 2 so we used the Disney version (with Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Raven, etc.)

   I found a video of a little boy playing the game like a pro at if you are interested in seeing the game in action:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JzcqALklRs

   This game was a big hit! The girls had a lot of fun trying to see who could keep up. The game is a little addicting. We only had five girls there so it worked out well, with everyone taking turns to compete against the winner.

Other Activities

We also had a page of trivia questions that related to Disney shows for each of the kids to answer. They could work on this while they weren't dancing. Then the kid that answered the most correct won a prize.

Party Favors

For party favors we made a mix CD for the girls and a bag of candy.

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