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Balloon Drop

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Fun Balloon Drops 


     Balloon drops are a lot of fun for any event! The main requirement for a balloon drop is a minimum of a 12 ft. ceiling.  Here are some simple instructions to help you create your own from scratch:

1. To build your own balloon drop, you will need two rectangular disposable tablecloths, balloons, yarn, a needle and thumb tacks (or something similar to hold up your tablecloths to the ceiling).  To make it a little more exciting buy some candy and small party favors to stick inside your balloons.  If you don’t want to make you balloon drop from scratch you can buy a balloon net at most party stores.

2. Set up your tablecloths next to each other with there long ends overlapping a few inches.  Then stitch the two sides together using a large needle and yarn.  You will need to leave at least a couple feet of yarn on both sides; keep in mind that one side will be the rip cord so it will need to be long enough for you to reach.

3. Now it’s time to hang up your tablecloths.  There are a few different ways to do this.  I typical put small screws at each corner of my drop and then attach a string directly to the screws or attach a small chain link to the screws and than add the string.  Then I use clips to attach the tablecloth to the strings.  I typically make larger balloon drops since I have a lot of kids around so I want to make sure it is really secure, for smaller drops thumb tacs should work just fine.   When hanging your balloon drop up, make sure both ends are completely left open.  Stitching up the sides make it harder for all your balloons to fall and for the rip cord to be pulled.  Also make sure you leave enough room for the balloons to fit inside; the middle of the tablecloth should be hanging down around 2 or 3 feet.

4. Now its time to get your balloons ready. If you want to add prizes or candy inside some of the balloons, have somebody pull open the balloon while you stick things inside. You will be amazed at what you can stuff inside a 12 inch balloon. Then blow up your balloons with a balloon pump or air compressor. If you want larger balloons (to fit more into) you can buy stuffing balloons for 60 cents each at http://www.allamericanballoon.com/.

          To add a little more excitement to your drop you can add a silver dollar (or whatever) in one of your balloons and whoever finds it first wins a prize. Or add numbers inside some of your balloons and let your guests cash them in for prizes.

5. Put all your balloons in your tablecloths or balloon net. You can also add streamers and confetti if desired.

6. Tape your rip cord to the wall, so it doesn't accidentally get pulled.

7. Then when it is time, pull the rip cord and let them go.

Add a Twist to the Balloon Drop:


     Make multiple rip cords (all but one will be fake, not letting any balloons down). Then your guests can take turns trying to find the right one.  To do this, just use a needle and string to string more “rip cords” in various spots through out your tablecloths.  Make sure your real rip cord doesn't end up in an obvious spot. The kids will keep pulling on the rip cords until all the balloons are released. You could also make the kids go “fishing” to get the cords. Let them use sticks with hooks on the end to grab the strings and pull them down.  I have done one balloon drop this way, and the kids really enjoyed it.  The down side was that it was a little too hard for a lot of the kids and they needed a little help.  If I were to do it over again I would make sure my loops on the bottom of the strings were bigger and easier to grab.

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