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Spa Slumber Party

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A Girls Night

   At least once a year all the girls in my family get together and have a girls night. No guys allowed. We stock up on mud mask, fingernail polish, movies and popcorn. We order pizza for dinner and then later snack on our popcorn. Everyone gets their finger and toenails done, and a mud mask. All the girls love it.

   Some years we do little projects. One year we all made homemade glitter. We have also done friendship bracelets and beading in the past. Then there have been nights we get into games or story telling. It just all depends on what people are up for. It doesn't really matter what we do, as long as we are all there.

   Everyone contributes to keeping a scrapbook of all our parties. It is fun to look back on all the spa nights we have had. We hope to keep adding the scrapbook for many years to come.

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