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Know that Movie

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Movie Charades

Age: 16 +


  • Note Cards
  • Pencil

Players: 4+

Preparation:  On note cards, write down different movies that your guests can act out. Make sure the movies you pick are commonly known.

How to Play:  Divide your guests into groups; each group should have 2 to 5 players. When everyone is their groups have them come up with a team name. All the team names will be written down on a sheet of paper to keep score.

    Now, nominate a group to go first. One member of the group will stand up and act out the movie on a note card. There team members will have one minute to guess what movie they are acting out, if in that minute no one guesses it, all other teams will be allowed to guess. The team that gets it right will get a point and it will be the next teams turn. If no one gets it right, no one gets a point and it is then the next team's turn.

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