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No Way!

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A Game of Truth and Lies

Age: 6 +


  • A Quarter
  • Pennies

Players: 4 +

How to Play: Gather everyone in a circle and give them 3 pennies. Also put a pile of pennies in the center of the circle. Give the youngest player the quarter to start with. They will think of a statement about themselves or something they know about, it could be a true statement or a false one. If it is true they put the quarter heads up in front of them and then cover it up with their hand, if it is a false statement tails will be facing up. They do not want anyone to see what they are doing. If everyone believes they are telling the truth, nothing is said and the quarter is revealed. If they got away with telling a lie, they get a penny from the pile. If they were telling the truth nothing happens and the quarter is passed to the person on their right. Then it is that person's turn to make a statement and cover the quarter. If someone believes that they are not telling the truth they can shout no way, the first person to challenge them gets to go look at the quarter, if they were right they get to take one of their pennies. If two or more people challenge it at the same time, the person to the right of the player will be the one to challenge the player. When someone runs out of pennies they are out of the game. The one who collects the most pennies wins.

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