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All Mixed Up

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A Game that Encourages Team Work

Age: 6 +


  • Safety pins
  • Paper

Players: 5 +

How to play: Pick something out that you would like your group to be able to sort. You could have them sort the months of the year, numbers, the alphabet, types of money, their names, etc. Then write them down separately on pieces of paper and hand them out to your players. After everyone has their paper, they are to walk around and put themselves in order according to their card. Depending on the age of your players, you can have them do it without talking. For example, if you are having everyone do their own names, they will need to put themselves in a line alphabetically from A to Z. See how much time it takes them and the next time have them try to beat their time.

For older kids: Have the paper on the player's backs so they can't see their own paper. This will be a little trickier and will take a little more team work.

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