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Reasons NOT to Host a Party!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

There are a lot of good reasons to host a party; special occasions, gathering of friends and holiday celebrations. However there are also some bad reasons that just make the party “suck” for others.


Revenge – If you want to retaliate against someone, don’t host a party and invite everyone else, friends and co-workers, but not them just in spite. This “tit for tat” attitude just shows a lack of confidence. You may loose more friends and feel even worst.


Ego trip – Don’t let your vanity drive relationships, especially when entertaining for others. Hosting a party may give you the feeling of superiority and control, but this is NOT a good reason to invite friends over for dinner.


Mercy – Providing sympathy may be OK to give your children but it is not a good reason to gather people together for someone else. It seldom makes others feel better when you are showing how sorry you are for them. Misery loves company, a big downer for a gathering.


Quid pro quo – Just because someone threw you a party, doesn’t mean you need to return the favor. Bring people together because you want to, not because you feel you must.


Popularity by association – Don’t bring people together just to be in association with someone famous or prominent in the community. Popularity is seldom gained from a one time association at a party.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Here’s a great idea for a 50th wedding anniversary party, make it a family reunion. Not just gathering for a few hours, make it a long weekend. When our parents had their 50th anniversary, we came up with many ideas on how to best celebrate this big event, it’s 50 years people. We considered many different ideas including renting a banquet hall, catering meals, entertainment, decorations; you know, the works. But what was really important to the special couple was not the food, the decorations or any of the normal party stuff; it was family. So what better than to have the grandparents, their kids and all the grand children together, relaxing and having a good time?


The location was chosen based upon two things; first was being within a reasonable distance for most people and second finding a venue large enough accommodate 45 family members, yes a large family and this was just the grandparents and immediate family. We happened to choose the Nebraska State Park at Ft. Robinson, a beautiful location with lots of history. Ft. Robinson has some lodging that was former officer’s quarters that date from 1874 to 1909 that sleep 20 people each. Everyone was accommodated with two of these beautiful old buildings and a few kids on the floor with sleeping bags.


The meals were provided by the family, no catering necessary. Each sibling’s immediate family members were responsible for one meal; the cooking, serving and clean up. The majority of food was serviced buffet style with the actual cooking done a couple days before. Crock pots are great appliances that make serving large numbers of guests very convenient.


If you don’t have a nice state park with lodging facilities, consider some resort condos or local hotels with a banquet room. Where ever the location, listen to the anniversary couple and what they would like to do. Usually the 50th wedding anniversary is more about family then anything else.

Wood Chips for Barbequing Flavor

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Take barbequing to the next level by adding different flavors with different woods. Most people, including myself, tend to grill food to save time, both in the actual cooking time and easier cleanup. However you might want to plan a little more time and treat your guests to something a little different. Why not? A party means good times and good food.


True barbequing will use wood smoke to help flavor the meat and vegetables. The smoky flavors will vary depending upon the wood and the type of grill. There are many different woods you can use; some examples are alder, apple, apricot, birch, cedar, cherry, grape, hickory, lemon, maple, mesquite, nectarine, orange, peach, pear, pecan, plum and white oak. Most woods can be used, except for the treated lumber used in constriction.


Mesquite and hickory are common wood chips and along with oak, are very good general purpose wood chips for barbequing. Any of the hardwoods work well since they will burn slower and fruit woods provide excellent flavors.


Some woods seem to go with different meats better than others. Hickory is good with chicken, applewood for pork and mesquite adds a great flavor to beef and game. Vary the type of wood to change the flavor! Some woods like mesquite and pecan will provide a stronger flavor then most fruit woods. A wood chart, thanks to Sams Smoker, can help with knowing the different wood characteristics for barbequing. It is best to slow cook the meat since it usually takes at least 30 minutes to get a minimal smoky flavor.


Using only wood chips to grill is not recommended since they will burn unevenly and quickly. When using a charcoal grill, soak the wood chips in water and beer for 30 to 60 minutes, drain off liquid and then add wood chips directly to the hot charcoal. The soaking will make the chips smolder and keep them from burning too quickly. If using a gas grill, either use a partially filled metal tray next to the meat, wrap the chips in heavy duty foil with a few holes on top or some grills have a built-in smoker box for wood chips. You may need to heat the gas grill on high until there is plenty of smoke, then turn the grill down and keep the grill lid closed for the best results when cooking.


Should you always clean you grill after or before grilling meat? According to Barbeque Myths, it doesn’t really matter as long as it is cleaned prior to grilling. So try something different for your next backyard barbeque with some smoky flavors.

White Dove Releases or is it a Pigeon Release?

Monday, June 9th, 2008

The tradition of releasing white doves at weddings and funerals has become increasing popular. You may be surprised to know that white doves are domesticated birds that can not survive in the wild. These Ringneck Doves come in a variety of colors, are easily kept in captivity, have a gentle nature but don’t last long outside the cage. So why would anyone want to release these beautiful white doves knowing that their existence would be short lived.


To the rescue comes the white racing or homing pigeon. White racing pigeons and the white doves look much the same, the difference is mainly in size. Doves are smaller with pointed tails while pigeons are stockier with rounded tails. Most people will not be able to tell the difference.


So the popular white dove releases at special events are said to be “dove releases” but any ethical business will use the white racing pigeons. These racing pigeons will more easily survive after being released. These pigeons have been selectively bred to return home immediately after being released, safe and sound.


If you are planning a special event and want to symbolize the love, devotion, peace and unity of the white dove, always use a White Dove Release Professional and the white racing pigeons.