Bring It On!


This is Scruffy, the Insights mascot. Now you may ask, why does a blog need a mascot? Well the simple answer is that “it doesn’t”. However Scruffy came to us by email from some anonymous source, just dropped off on our doorstep or computer-step. This is such a great image showing Scruffy in a most fragile position. At first we just felt sorry for the poor kitten; it looked frightened, wet, cold and a bit scary.


However, looking a little closer, we came to the conclusion Scruffy was much more. As a mascot, Scruffy is dynamic, bold and ready to take on the internet with all it has to bring. So at least for now and until someone claims Scruffy, we have enlisted him (or her) as our mascot that gives inspiration to all (well, you need to use your imagination a little).