Ten ways to a less expensive party!

Today’s economy is forcing many people to look harder at how to same money on just about everything, this includes planning parties.  A bad economy doesn’t mean you need to not get with friends and family, or postpone that wedding or some other special event.   You just need to focus a little more on keeping to a budget.

Here are ten ways you can save and still have an enjoyable gathering.

  1. Scale down on what is not needed.  First ask yourself if each item on your planning list is needed or just nice to have. If it is needed, can it be smaller, simpler or cheaper?
  2. Take another look at what you can do yourself instead of purchasing.  Have the caterer provide less food and you provide more.  Have a friend or a friend of a friend be the DJ or server at a discount rate?
  3. Comparison shop for your items and services.  One good thing about being in a bad economy, there are more discounts available.
  4. Make your own invitations, party favors, table decorations and what ever else you can do.
  5. Avoid the expensive gift-wrap when something less expensive will do.
  6. Use public facilities for the venue, usually much cheaper.
  7. Try a potluck dinner instead of the host providing all the food.
  8. Provide more vegetables and salads on the menu, these will be less expensive.
  9. Reduce the number of guests.
  10. Plan the menu based upon what is on sale for that week at your local super market.

Remember, the fun and enjoyment comes with the people, not the extras.


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