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Wedding Planning

Wedding Essentials

Wedding Stuff You May Need There are so many things to think about buying when planning a wedding.   Here is a list of things that you might need to purchase: For the Ceremony -Ring bear pillow -Flower girl basket -Candles, holders and lighter -Guest book and pen -Aisle runner -Bubbles or rice for guests to throw [...]

Gifts for the Wedding Party

Gift Ideas The bride and groom typically hand out gifts to their wedding party to help show their appreciation for the time and money that they have spent.  The bridesmaids usually do the largest share of the planning, shopping and generally are there for many of the ups and downs in preparing for your big [...]

Wedding Check List

Six to Tweleve Months in Advance 1. Set the date 2. Send your wedding announcement to the newspaper andto family and friends. 3. Take a nice long look at your budget. 4. Find the perfect location for the ceremony and reception. Many reception halls are booked far in advance, so it is a good idea [...]

Know Your Photographer

What should you ask your photographer? When it comes time to choose a photographer, there are some basic questions you should ask.   The event will last one day but the pictures will last a life time and  you should get what you expect.   This is the time to communicate to the photographer exactly what is needed [...]

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake The wedding cake is one of the biggest events at the reception. There are endless styles to choose from and it can be a fun journey finding a cake that matches your personality. Today you can find cakes of all shapes and sizes. A more traditional bride might enjoy a 3 tier round [...]

Wedding Budget Worksheet

Rehearsal Dinner 1st Estimate 2nd Estimate 3rd Estimate   Final    Site Rental            Food            Beverages            Decorations            Other         Total           Ceremony 1st   Estimate 2nd Estimate 3rd Estimate [...]

Wedding Budget

The Budget This is typically the most stressful part of the whole process. Who is going to be paying for what? How much will it cost? Traditionally the Bride’s family pays for a large portion of the wedding, but in today’s society it can go anyway. In some situations the Groom’s family feels that they [...]

Including your Kids in your Wedding

Having your Kids included in your Wedding If you or your fiancé have kids it is important to make them feel included in the big day. This wedding will not only be changing your life, but it will also be changing theirs. You want to make sure that they don’t feel replaced or any resentment [...]

Wine Selection Part 3

Wine Selection Guide This Wine Selection Guide provides a basic understanding of wine, where it comes from, the process of winemaking and how to select the right wine for the right occasion. The Wine Selection Guide is intended to get the less experienced wine drinker the knowledge to better navigate a wine list. Understanding the [...]

The Wedding Party

Finding YourAttendants Selecting the wedding party can become a dreaded task. Some couples feel the pressure and obligation on asking certain people to be in their wedding party. Always remember that it is your day and the more comfortable with your bridal party you are, the smoother the planning, fittings and pre-wedding parties will go. [...]