Know Your Photographer

by AEA on May 23, 2010

What should you ask your photographer?

When it comes time to choose a photographer, there are some basic questions you should ask.   The event will last one day but the pictures will last a life time and  you should get what you expect.   This is the time to communicate to the photographer exactly what is needed and to determine if it can be provided.

  • -Do they have references?
  • - How long have they been taking pictures?   Have they ever taken pictures at your event location before?
  • -  How long will they stay?
  • - Are they a member of any associations or groups?   This will give you an idea that they are communicating with other photographers about new trends and ideas.
  • - Do they have a specific style?
  • - What type of camera will the photographer use?   Digital or Film?   This will give you an idea about their level of expertise.
  • - Will they have an assistant to help?   Having more than one person there will help things go faster and tend to run a little smother.
  • - Will they have access to backup equipment in case something is not working?   Is there someone to take their place in case of an emergency or they are ill?
  • - Are other people allowed to take photos when they are?   Some photographers don’t let others take pictures while they are shooting because it can become too distracting.

  • -  How does their pricing work?   Do they have packages?   Can you get the negatives?
  • -  Will it be easy for relatives and friends to order photos?
  • -  Do they do black and white, antiques or any other special effects that you might enjoy?
  • - Are they open to taking a list of requests of different poses or variations of people you would like taken?
  • - What will they be wearing?   You want to make sure they won’t be underdressed if your event is formal.
  • - When will your proofs be ready?
  • - Do you give any guarantees on your services and photographs?
  • - Do they have liability insurance?

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