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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake Ideas There are SO many different ways to make and decorate a diaper cake. My goal is to address most of them and the main pros and cons of each of them, so you can build a diaper cake that works best for you. Be ready to use your imagination and put some [...]

Make your Own Gift Baskets

Ideas on How to Make your Own Gift Baskets Making your own gift baskets can be the perfect gift for many people for many different occasions. You can make the gift basket customized to match the person’s lifestyle who will be receiving the gift basket. The items in the gift basket can be small or [...]

Angel and Church made from Terra Cotta Pots

Terra Cotta Pot Angel and Church Making your own church and angels out of Terra Cotta pots: 1. Collect all your materials: 2 Terra Cotta pots for your church (2 different sizes) and a saucer to match your larger pot 5 - two inch terra cotta pots (for 4 angels) Paint Sealer Gold bell Wood [...]

Don’t say Baby

Baby Shower Game Age: any Need: Necklaces Players: 5 + How to Play:  At the start of the shower everyone is given a necklace, they could be cheap beaded toy necklaces, lays or whatever you can find that is fairly inexpensive. Then everyone is told they are not allowed to say baby. If you are [...]

Baby Shower Doodles

Free Printable Baby Shower Game Age: 7 + Need: Timer Pencils Paper Doodle Cards (you can make them yourselves or download them here for personal use) Game Board and Dice – optional (download one for personal use) Playing with the Game Board:   First divide your players into two teams, if you have a lot of [...]

Hershey Kiss Roses

How to make Hershey Kiss Roses Favors Hershey kiss roses are a fun and editable party favor that work great for weddings or other special events. Hershey kiss roses also make great decorations and centerpieces. Instructions for Making Hershey Kiss Roses: 1. Collect your materials. You will need: Hershey Kisses Cellophane (red or pink) Shish [...]

Photography Using Creativity

Creative Photography It is important to have a variety of good photos when photographing people; from a posed session to a more relax session of shooting people just being themselves.  Capturing people in their own element shows the personality and can make a photograph more memorable.  Some of the best photos are not planned by [...]

Hawaii Honeymoons, Kauai or Maui

Hawaiian Honeymoon Two favorite honeymoon islands in Hawaii are Kauai and Maui. Of course all the islands have plenty to offer, but these two seem to provide that extra special honeymoon. The question is which one? The State of Hawaii is made up of a total of six major islands – Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, [...]

TV Tag

TV Tag Age: 3+ Need: open space Players:4+ How to Play: Select one person to be it; their goal is to tag the other players. If the players are tagged they must sit down and remain frozen until another person unfreezes them by touching them while they shout out a TV show. TV shows can [...]

Red Rover

Red Rover Age: 4 + Need: Open Space Players: 8 + How to Play: Divide your players into two teams. Set up the teams up in a line standing around 25 feet across from one another. The line holds hands and take turns yelling “Red rover, red rover send Jake (or whoever) on over”. Then [...]