Photography Using Creativity

by AEA on June 23, 2010

Creative Photography

It is important to have a variety of good photos when photographing people; from a posed session to a more relax session of shooting people just being themselves.  Capturing people in their own element shows the personality and can make a photograph more memorable.  Some of the best photos are not planned by the photographer; you need to always be ready for an opportunity to catch a great shot.  Many of these shots are called connection photographs, which are images that typically don’t have your subjects all looking into the lens, but interacting with one another. 

These photographs can usually tell a story and help create feeling when you are looking at them.  It could be a girl whispering a secret to her brother, a session of peek-a-boo, a baby cuddling up to her blanket sucking her thumb, the possibilities are endless.

Capturing a variety of expressions is also another key component to be a good photographer.  Always trying to capture that perfect smile is not what makes good pictures.  You want to see the personality of your subject and capture their personal expressions.  Some of the more intriguing photographs show a wide range of expressions, such as a child being sad, excited,

curious, ornery, caring, or rowdy.  There are a countless number of expressions that are fun to capture so keep your

imagination wide open.

Make sure you shoot pictures using different angles and capture a variety of extreme close ups, close-ups, three quarters and full body shots.  Using different angels when shooting can become tricky, because you need to find the right picture and the right angel to make a photo interesting.  The more you practice with angles the easier it will become.

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