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50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Here’s a great idea for a 50th wedding anniversary party, make it a family reunion. Not just gathering for a few hours, make it a long weekend. When our parents had their 50th anniversary, we came up with many ideas on how to best celebrate this big event, it’s 50 years people. We considered many [...]

Happy New Year, Really

Happy New Year, you probably have heard that a hundred times by now. Do people really mean it though? Yes, I believe they do, just as when someone says “Good Morning”. Both are a nice greeting from one person to another and then they go on about their daily lives. So Happy New Year and [...]

Wrap Green, be Environmentally Friendly

It’s the season for gift giving; homes will be filled with plenty of gifts, which come with wrapping paper and boxes. Unfortunately most of the wrapping paper and boxes will end up in the local landfill causing a 30% bump in landfill waste due to these gift add-ons over the holidays. Here are a couple [...]