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Organic Party with Beer and Wine

An Organic Party, this is the theme of many trendy parties since people have become more aware of the need for a greener and ECO friendly environment.  You would normally think of getting organic meat and vegetables, how ever organic beer and wine are fast becoming more available.   I like the idea of being organic [...]

Shipping Food Items

Good news, you just received a gift box of cookies.  Bad news, the cookies were just a pile of crumbs.  For many people, the holidays mean sending special gift baskets or boxes from the kitchen to friends and family far-away.  If you are going to spend the time and money baking something special, spend some [...]

Reasons NOT to Host a Party

There are a lot of good reasons to host a party; special occasions, gathering of friends and holiday celebrations. However there are also some bad reasons that just make the party “suck” for others. Revenge – If you want to retaliate against someone, don’t host a party and invite everyone else, friends and co-workers, but [...]

Wood Chips for Barbequing Flavor

Take barbequing to the next level by adding different flavors with different woods. Most people, including myself, tend to grill food to save time, both in the actual cooking time and easier cleanup. However you might want to plan a little more time and treat your guests to something a little different. Why not? A [...]

50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Here’s a great idea for a 50th wedding anniversary party, make it a family reunion. Not just gathering for a few hours, make it a long weekend. When our parents had their 50th anniversary, we came up with many ideas on how to best celebrate this big event, it’s 50 years people. We considered many [...]

White Dove Releases or is it a Pigeon Release

The tradition of releasing white doves at weddings and funerals has become increasing popular. You may be surprised to know that white doves are domesticated birds that can not survive in the wild. These Ringneck Doves come in a variety of colors, are easily kept in captivity, have a gentle nature but don’t last long [...]

A Book Party

A Book Party is a party theme that can be used for a shower or birthday. The guest of honor is one who loves to read and share books. So for this party theme, think of the library, bookstore and of course all kinds of books. The invitation can be homemade in the theme of a small [...]

Eco-Friendly Parties

Eco-friendly, this is a topic we will be hearing much more about in the months and years to come. Most people want to be environmentally-friendly but it usually doesn’t happen. You may be too busy for the extra planning involved, not sure exactly what you can do or just doesn’t fit with your theme. If [...]

Ten Ways to a Less Expensive Party

Today’s economy is forcing many people to look harder at how to same money on just about everything, this includes planning parties.  A bad economy doesn’t mean you need to not get with friends and family, or postpone that wedding or some other special event.   You just need to focus a little more on keeping [...]

Who Pays for the Dinner Party

Who’s going to pay? This is a topic that has been discussed many times but it never has really been resolved, until now. I suggest you use one simple method anytime there is a group. Split the bill and move on. This minimizes that perplexing time towards the end of a dinner party about how [...]