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Don’t say Baby

Baby Shower Game Age: any Need: Necklaces Players: 5 + How to Play:  At the start of the shower everyone is given a necklace, they could be cheap beaded toy necklaces, lays or whatever you can find that is fairly inexpensive. Then everyone is told they are not allowed to say baby. If you are [...]

Baby Shower Doodles

Free Printable Baby Shower Game Age: 7 + Need: Timer Pencils Paper Doodle Cards (you can make them yourselves or download them here for personal use) Game Board and Dice – optional (download one for personal use) Playing with the Game Board:   First divide your players into two teams, if you have a lot of [...]

TV Tag

TV Tag Age: 3+ Need: open space Players:4+ How to Play: Select one person to be it; their goal is to tag the other players. If the players are tagged they must sit down and remain frozen until another person unfreezes them by touching them while they shout out a TV show. TV shows can [...]

Red Rover

Red Rover Age: 4 + Need: Open Space Players: 8 + How to Play: Divide your players into two teams. Set up the teams up in a line standing around 25 feet across from one another. The line holds hands and take turns yelling “Red rover, red rover send Jake (or whoever) on over”. Then [...]

Where’s Santa - Christmas Game

Where’s Santa Age: 4 + Need: Players Players: 7 + How to Play: Set all your players in a circle and choose one person to be Rudolf. They will need to leave the room for a quick moment, so you can choose someone to be Santa. Rudolf cannot know who Santa is. Then when Rudolf [...]

How to make a Balloon Drop

Balloon Drop Game Balloon drops are a fun game for any event! The main requirement for a balloon drop is a minimum of a 12 ft. ceiling.  Here are some simple instructions on how to create your own from scratch: 1. To build your own balloon drop, you will need two rectangular disposable tablecloths, balloons, [...]

True or False

A Game of Truth Age: 16 + Need: n/a Players: 4 + How to Play: Everyone takes turns going around and announcing three statements about themselves (a, b and c). Two of them will be true while one will be a lie. Then everyone writes what statement they think is a lie (a, b or [...]

Present Challenge

Holiday Party Game – Present Challenge Age: 4+ Need:   Mittens, oven mitts or heavy socks  Wrapping paper  Boxes  Tissue paper  Paper  Scissors Players: Preparation:  Start by cutting out stars (or whatever shape you’d like) from your paper.  The stars should be around 1 inch in size.  Take your first star and wrap it up in [...]

Balloon Trivia

A Game Full of Balloon Popping Fun Age: 4 + Need: Balloons Paper Players: 4 + Preparation: Write out a list of trivia questions. The questions can be about movies, math, music, history, or whatever comes to mind. Then on another piece of paper write out different consequences, which will be for when the questions [...]

Word Mix

Baby Shower Printable Game Ages: 6 + Need: Pencils Players: 1 + How to Play: Give everyone a worksheet and have them come up with as many words as they can out of the words Baby Shower. Time them for 5 to 10 minutes and then see who came up with the most words. Click [...]