Balloon Trivia

by AEA on June 1, 2010

A Game Full of Balloon Popping Fun

Age: 4 +


  • Balloons
  • Paper

Players: 4 +

Preparation: Write out a list of trivia questions. The questions can be about movies, math, music, history, or whatever comes to mind. Then on another piece of paper write out different consequences, which will be for when the questions are answered wrong. Some examples would be:

     -lose a point

     -jump up and down on one leg five times in a row, if you succeed keep all your points, if you fail lose one point.

     -your safe this time

     -give another team one of your points

     -Sing your ABC’s backwards, if completed correctly keep your points, if not lose 2

     -ask your team the question, if they know the answer keep all your points, if not lose 1

     -lose your next turn

     -compliment another team

    Then roll up your consequences and put each of them in a balloon and blow them up.

How to Play: Divide your players into two different teams. The players on each team will take turns answering trivia questions. If the are right they will receive a point, if they are wrong they will have to pop a balloon of their choice. Each player will receive one save. The save will allow them to pick another member on their team to help them answer the question. When another team member is picked to help there must be no talking or expressions to help determine who to pick. If there is, that player loses their save and they must pop a balloon. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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