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Games Ages 2-6

TV Tag

TV Tag Age: 3+ Need: open space Players:4+ How to Play: Select one person to be it; their goal is to tag the other players. If the players are tagged they must sit down and remain frozen until another person unfreezes them by touching them while they shout out a TV show. TV shows can [...]

Red Rover

Red Rover Age: 4 + Need: Open Space Players: 8 + How to Play: Divide your players into two teams. Set up the teams up in a line standing around 25 feet across from one another. The line holds hands and take turns yelling “Red rover, red rover send Jake (or whoever) on over”. Then [...]

Balloon Trivia

A Game Full of Balloon Popping Fun Age: 4 + Need: Balloons Paper Players: 4 + Preparation: Write out a list of trivia questions. The questions can be about movies, math, music, history, or whatever comes to mind. Then on another piece of paper write out different consequences, which will be for when the questions [...]

Treasure Hunt

A Game of Adventure for all Ages Age: 3 + Need: Paper Pencil Treasure Players: 1 or more How to Play: There are a few different ways to do a treasure hunt. First you can make a treasure map, drawing your backyard or your hunting area with lines going from one spot to another. On [...]

Mystery Gift - A Holiday Game

Mystery Gift Age: 3 + Need: Paper Bags Small Holiday Items Pencil Paper Players: 4 + Preparation: Pick out some small Holiday items and place each of them in a bag. A few good ideas would be: Ornaments Candy Canes Tissue Paper Mistletoe Coal (rock) Santa Hat Mini Christmas Tree Christmas Lights Candle Bells Stuffed [...]

Balloon Raffle

Raffle Drawing Age: any Need: Raffle Tickets Prizes Balloons Paper Players: 10 + Preparation: Pick out different prizes for a raffle drawing. For every prize you will need a balloon and slip of paper. Write each prize down on a slip of paper, roll it up, then stick it in your balloon and blow it [...]

Pass the Box

A Great Game with Trivia and Fun Age: 6 + Need: Box Wrapping Paper Tape Scissors Players: 2 + Preparation:Find a small box to wrap up and put a small prize inside the box.Candy is an easy and cheap idea.Wrap the box and stick a note onto the paper.The note will have a challenge of [...]

All Tied Up – Kids Party Game Idea

Kids Party Game Idea Age: 5 - 12 Need: String or Yarn Players: 2 + Preparation: Before your party you will need to cut a 15 foot piece of yarn for every two guests. How to Play: For this game, you will need to divide your guests into groups of two. If you end up [...]

All Mixed Up

A Game that Encourages Team Work Age: 6 + Need: Safety pins Paper Players: 5 + How to play: Pick something out that you would like your group to be able to sort. You could have them sort the months of the year, numbers, the alphabet, types of money, their names, etc. Then write them [...]

The Search

The Search A Simple and Fun Game Age: 5 + Need: Paper Pencil Prizes Players: 5 + How to Play: When you are ready you will call out a certain item (white purse, black phone, a sock, etc.) and whoever can bring it up to you first will win a prize. This is a simple [...]