Treasure Hunt

by admin on May 16, 2010

A Game of Adventure for all Ages

Age: 3 +


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Treasure

Players: 1 or more

How to Play: There are a few different ways to do a treasure hunt. First you can make a treasure map, drawing your backyard or your hunting area with lines going from one spot to another. On your map you can direct your hunter 3 steps this way and then 5 steps to the right, leading them to the X on your map and their treasure. This is good for the littler kids that have short attention spans.

For a more involved treasure hunt you can make many clues, with each clue leading you to your next clue, until you reach your treasure. Your treasure could be a goody bag for a birthday party, a silver dollar or whatever else you have in mind. Here are some ideas for some clues on a treasure hunt.

Clue One: I am sending you on a mission to find a hidden treasure. To find my treasure, you will need to answer many different questions along the way, from riddles to math problems. I don’t give away my treasures very easy, so pay close attention. I want you to first start out in an area that is very dear to my heart. Here I can relax while surrounded by warmth and near by is a lock on the door.

(Bath Tub)

Clue Two: You found me. But don’t get too excited you have many challenges left to face. Here is your next clue:

A = 22 B = 42 E = 40 F = 32 G = 5 I = 99 L = 45 M = 30 R = 6 T = 55

4 X 8 = _____ 6 X _____ = 36 9 X 11 = ______ 8 X ____ = 40


Clue Three: Word Scramble

Og uotisde dna upmj ouarnd ivef tmies nhet ookl pu ghih nda wol

(Go outside and jump around five times then look up high and low)

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