Fingerprint Christmas Crafts Ideas

by AEA on May 18, 2010

Children’s Fingerprint Christmas Craft Ideas

There are so many different fingerprint Christmas craft ideas out there to create.  You can create your fingerprint crafts on:

-Christmas Ornaments
-Candle Holders
-Photo Mats
-Mini Terra Cotta Pots (which can be used as Christmas ornaments)
-Christmas Cards or Gift Tags

When starting your craft project, spread your paint on a disposable plate. You can have your kids dip their finger directly into the paint or use a sponge to apply the paint to their finger.  Here are some fingerprint creations you can try to make:

-Fingerprint Snowman (one fingerprint for each ball)
-Christmas Fingerprint Wreath
-Fingerprint Christmas Tree
-Holly (two fingerprints for the leaves and the tip of your pinky for the holly)
-Penguin (a thumb print for the body, pinky prints for the wings and tummy, thumb tip for the head and pinky tips for the feet)
-Reindeer Heads (fingerprint for the head, and use a marker for the rest)

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