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Winter Holiday Crafts

Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine Cone Ornaments Crafts Making pine cone ornaments are a fun and inexpensive craft project, and make great decorations for you tree. It is easy to transform a simple pine cone into a great looking ornament or decoration with a few additions. Here are a few ideas on what you can use for your ornament: [...]

DIY Penguin Ornament

Christmas Penguin Ornament To build your penguin and igloo ornament you will need: foam or wood balls (one smaller than the other) white paint black puff paint or black permanent marker black and orange foam scrap of material clear plastic ball 1. After collecting all your materials, start with painting the outside of your igloo. [...]

How to Make a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Ball Christmas Ornaments To make your own baby’s first Christmas ornament you will need: a glass ball ornament (found at most craft store), paint and ribbon. You can paint the inside of your ornament, leave it clear, or add a little glitter or fake snow to the inside of the ornament.  To paint the inside [...]

Fingerprint Christmas Crafts Ideas

Children’s Fingerprint Christmas Craft Ideas There are so many different fingerprint Christmas craft ideas out there to create.  You can create your fingerprint crafts on: -Paper -Christmas Ornaments -T-Shirts -Candle Holders -Photo Mats -Mini Terra Cotta Pots (which can be used as Christmas ornaments) -Christmas Cards or Gift Tags When starting your craft project, spread your [...]

Marble Glass Ball Ornaments

Marble Glass Ball Ornaments Painting or marbling glass ornaments is a fun and cheap project. 1. First collect all your materials. You will need: glass ball ornaments (cost is about $2 to $3 a box at any craft store) rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner paint There are a few different types of paint you can [...]

How to Make a Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause from Terra Cotta Pots

Fun Christmas Clay Pot Craft Ideas There are so many things you can do with clay pots.   Micheals  craft store is a great place to get more ideas from, this is where some of these ideas came from. You can also check out the rest of ourChristmas clay pot crafts on this site. How to [...]

Terra Cotta Pot Tree Directions

Christmas Clay Pot Crafts This project makes a great addition to a Christmas village or makes a creative centerpiece. Here are some simple instructions on making a Christmas tree out of terra cotta pots: 1. Collect all your materials; here is what you will need: Terra cotta pots (the sizes will depend on how big [...]

How to make a Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pinecone Tree Decoration      There are many different kinds of trees you can make out of pinecones. You can make small Christmas trees using just one pinecone for decorations for a small village or a fun craft for a preschool class. You can also make larger trees out of multiple pinecones. When making a larger [...]

How to make a Cork Reindeer Ornament

Unique Ideas for Homemade Christmas Ornaments Making a cork reindeer ornament is a simple and fun craft project.  I have made them with my pre-school class and at home.  All you need is:    -package of corks (you can find them at most craft stores for about $3-$4 a bag)    -brown pipe cleaners    [...]

Snowmen Flower Pot Crafts

Homemade Snowman Ideas This homemade project makes a great addition to a Christmas village or a fun decoration for your home. Here are some simple instructions on creating snowmen out of flower pots. 1. First collect everything that you will need: Terra cotta (flower) pots – the sizes will depend on the sizes of snowmen [...]