DIY Penguin Ornament

by AEA on June 11, 2010

Christmas Penguin Ornament

To build your penguin and igloo ornament you will need:

  • foam or wood balls (one smaller than the other)
  • white paint
  • black puff paint or black permanent marker
  • black and orange foam
  • scrap of material
  • clear plastic ball

1. After collecting all your materials, start with painting the outside of your igloo. Start with painting the back side of the igloo, using only one half of your plastic ball (to make it a little easier). Use black puff paint or a black permanent market to make your lines for your ice blocks. Don’t worry about making them too perfect. Then set aside to dry (puff paint takes awhile to dry).

2. Build your penguin. Paint your balls and set aside or if you are working with kids markers may make better sense. Then cut out a beak, feet and arms from your foam and a scarf from your material.

3. Glue together your penguin. A hot glue gun works well.

4. Paint the other half of your igloo.

5. After you igloo is dry, sponge paint the inside white.

6. When your igloo is ready to go, hot glue your penguin inside.

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