All Tied Up – Kids Party Game Idea

by AEA on May 1, 2010

Kids Party Game Idea

Age: 5 - 12

Need: String or Yarn

Players: 2 +

Preparation: Before your party you will need to cut a 15 foot piece of yarn for every two guests.

How to Play: For this game, you will need to divide your guests into groups of two. If you end up having an extra player, it is okay to have a three player team. Instruct each team to stand back to back to one another. Then you will wrap a piece of yarn around them. It is best to ask them to raise their hands while you are wrapping them up, and only wrap them from the armpits down. This will help avoid getting yarn wrapped around their necks. When putting the yarn on top of their arms, sometimes as your guests move, the yarn will start to move to their necks, which is not a fun outcome for them. When wrapping your guests together, you can weave the yarn in and out of their legs and in between their backs. When everyone is tied up, let them try to untie themselves by passing the end of the yarn back and forth to one another. The players will need to work together to get untangled quickly. The first team to untie themselves first and hand you their bundle of yarn wins.


Jen & Jade’s Rating

The girls rated this game a 3. The downside for them was that the yarn became uncomfortable as they both pulled on it, when they were trying to get untangled.

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