To Do List for a Baby Shower

by AEA on April 24, 2010

Baby Shower Planning List

1.   Who is going to host the baby shower? Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it is very common for two or three people to help split the cost and tasks of a baby shower.  

2.   Find a good time to have the party. Typically a shower is thrown a month or two before the due date. It is nice to give the mom-to-be a little time to return or exchange any gifts, and figure out what else she may need. It is also fun to throw the shower two to six weeks after the baby is born, this way everyone can see the baby and there are no doubts if the baby is a boy or girl.

3.   Find a location. Traditionally the shower is held at the host’s home, but now days showers are held at restaurants, parks, the work place, homes, etc.

4.   Create a budget and plan any games activities decorations you might want.  When looking at your budget, some things to consider are: the location, food, party favors games prizes, decorations, invitations, etc. 

Gather a guest list. After deciding if you would like to throw a couple shower or girl only shower, ask the mom-to-be to put together a list of names and phone numbers for you.

6.   Create a menu and make plans for your cake.  If you are up to making one yourself, here are someAlso search through our baby shower cake galleryfor some ideas.

7.   Plan your setting. Decide on athemeor atmosphere of the shower. Find some fun decorations to follow your theme or if you are not big on decorations or want to cut down on your budget, just plan on making a comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Make sure you will have enough seating for everyone, with no chairs being isolated from the group so everyone feels included in the conversations.  

8.   Send out invitations. Send your invitations out a couple weeks in advance. If you have out of town guests you might want to contact them sooner. You can also call to invite your guests or send out e-mail. E-mail is an inexpensive and easy way of sending invitations, and people can RSVP easier. The down side to e-mailing invitations are that people don’t always check their e-mail regularly, so if you choose to e-mail invites it is a good idea to follow up with phone calls on those who didn’t RSVP. sendomatic.comto help send invites out through e-mail.

9.   Put your plans into action. Get as much ready as you can the week before. Things tend to take longer to prepare than you originally planned and you will be very busy the day of the shower.

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