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Baby Shower Planning

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake Ideas There are SO many different ways to make and decorate a diaper cake. My goal is to address most of them and the main pros and cons of each of them, so you can build a diaper cake that works best for you. Be ready to use your imagination and put some [...]

Baby Shower Coed or Not

It is becoming more common to include fathers in baby showers, to spread congratulations not only to the mother but also to the father.  The idea of a couples baby shower frightens some men, with the idea that they will be stuck in the room full of women playing girly games and talking about women [...]

To Do List for a Baby Shower

Baby Shower Planning List 1.   Who is going to host the baby shower? Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it is very common for two or three people to help split the cost and tasks of a baby shower.   2.   Find a good time to have the party. Typically a shower is thrown a [...]

Baby Showers for Men

All Men Baby Shower Host a baby shower just for the men. You can turn it into a Poker tournament and the price to get in is a package of diapers (size 1 or 2). Make sure you don’t have all the guests bring newborn diapers, since babies outgrow them quickly. Then the winner gets [...]

The Best Newborn Gifts

The Best Baby Gifts    What are the best gifts for new babies? I talked to numerous moms trying to best answer this question. The number one response that I heard was larger baby clothes. Many moms appreciated smaller clothes, but would have rather had larger sizes. For one, they had already bought newborn clothes [...]

A Baby Shower to Spoil the Expectant Mom

Baby Shower Ideas     Focus your baby shower on giving the expectant mom a little extra pampering. Forget all the baby decorations and light some candles and buy some flowers. Dim the lights and create a relaxing atmosphere. Use soft colors for decorating (beige, teal, light blues, pinks, yellows, etc.) and play some soft [...]

Baby Shower Helpful Hints

Make the shower personal. Remember that this event is not just helping mom get prepared with gifts, but also is showing her that she has a lot of support surrounding her and showing her all the love that her baby already has. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many baby showers have more than [...]