A Baby Shower to Spoil the Expectant Mom

by AEA on January 15, 2010

Baby Shower Ideas

    Focus your baby shower on giving the expectant mom a little extra pampering. Forget all the baby decorations and light some candles and buy some flowers. Dim the lights and create a relaxing atmosphere. Use soft colors for decorating (beige, teal, light blues, pinks, yellows, etc.) and play some soft music in the background if desired.


   You could easily go without games. Instead let girl talk be your main objective or you can have a make-up consultant or massage therapist come over. You could even host your own spa party.

   Make-up consultants will like to come over just to advertise their product and give advice. Your guests can try some samples, and learn a few tricks to make-up and skin care.

   Hiring a massage therapist can be a little pricey but if you look around you can find someone for as little as $20 an hour. They will come over and set up their equipment in a room and give each of your guests a short massage.

   If you want to just invite a few close friends and family members, you could take the expectant mom to a spa. For some moms that all ready have all the baby necessities, this can be a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival.

   Or create a spa theme of your own. Have your guests bring some of their favorite lotions, soaps, skin care products, fingernail polish, etc. Then you can sit around doing facials, nails or whatever.

Gift Ideas

   Requests everyone to bring their favorite lotion, soap or skin care product, to add to a basket for the expectant mom. Along with all you guests you can create a fun gift basket just for mom’s needs. Or have everyone donate some money to buy the expectant mom a gift certificate to a local spa.

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