Pass the Box

by admin on May 1, 2010

A Great Game with Trivia and Fun

Age: 6 +


  • Box
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Players: 2 +

Preparation:Find a small box to wrap up and put a small prize inside the box.Candy is an easy and cheap idea.Wrap the box and stick a note onto the paper.The note will have a challenge of some sort on it and a number.Your challenges will greatly depend on your setting of your game (at school, a birthday, etc.) and the age of the group.Here are a few challenge ideas:

-You have 30 seconds to answer the following problems:

4 X 20 = _____

8 X 3 =______

7 X 6 =______

-You are in luck, you have no question.Stay in the game and pass to the right.

-Jump on one foot five times without letting your other foot touch the ground.

-What is the capital of Colorado

-Who is Miley Cyrus’s father?

-Name one thing you like about the person to your left.

-Name two states that start with N

-What did you have for dinner last night?

-Unscramble the following word:


Then wrap the present one more time and add another challenge.Repeat this process as much as you would like (depending on how many players or teams you will have).If you have 5 teams or players, 20 would be a good number of challenges. Make sure the challenges aren’t too easy.You don’t want all of them to be completed correctly.

How to Play:Gather your players in a circle.If you are in a classroom or have a large group of people, you can break down into groups. Pick a team or player to start by handing them the wrapped box.They will read the first question and try to answer it in a timely fashion.I try to keep a timer handy.If they get the question right they stay in the game, unwrap the first layer and pass the box to their right.If the get it wrong they are out of the game, and the next teams attempts to complete the challenge.The last group or player left wins the box.If there is more than one team left at the end, whoever unwraps the last layer wins or you can have some tie breaker questions ready to find a winner.

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