Make your Own Gift Baskets

by AEA on November 21, 2010

Ideas on How to Make your Own Gift Baskets

Making your own gift baskets can be the perfect gift for many people for many different occasions. You can make the gift basket customized to
match the person’s lifestyle who will be receiving the gift basket. The items in the gift basket can be small or large, inexpensive or very expensive. The gift basket can contain a few items to many items and each gift item can be matched to the person or occasion. You can make a git basket for any occasion: a birthday, retirement,
anniversary, house warming, baby shower, holiday event or just a personal or business Thank You.

Gift baskets can be found at local businesses, online or can be put together by you. Yes gift baskets are close to the perfect
gift because there is so much flexibility in the design, the gifts inside and the cost.

A theme for a gift basket can be centered on just about anything, which will then drive the gift items
within the basket. Here are a few areas that can be considered when purchasing or making a homemade gift basket.

Snacks Baskets - pistachios, preserves, crackers and chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Beverages Baskets – wine, liqueurs or bar supplies.

Sports Baskets – any equipment or clothing associated with the specific sport.

Hobbies Baskets – hundreds of possible hobbies and thousands of items to choose from.

Newborns Baskets – diapers and all the other items a new mother and baby will need.

Cooking Baskets – pots, pans, utensils and spices.

Business Baskets – paper-weights (umm do people still use paper-weight?), pin/pencil sets, books or anything to personalize a desk.

Travel Baskets – try any travel store for hundreds of ideas.

Bath Baskets – oil beads, bath tablets, bubble bath, fancy soaps, and skin care products.

Gardening Baskets – gardening equipment, flowers, seeds and gloves.

If you decide to create your gift basket, this can be an opportunity to save 50% to 80% of the cost but
also to be artistic. The basket can be a traditional basket from the local Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft stores. The basket can also be most any container that fits in with the theme; a sand pail for a child, a golf bag for a golfer, a colorful box, a gift bag, or a trash can for a house-warming gift, etc.

One very easy gift basket is one filled with fresh fruit. These gift baskets are very colorful and the fruit can be purchased at a local farmers market or supermarket store.

When creating a gift basket, you can use colored tissue paper but think about using cloth dinner napkins for the gift basket liner. Also use 2” or 3” wide ribbon to help make beautiful bow, lots of curling ribbon for a lasting impression. Dollar bills can also be rolled up and put in-between some of the gift items to make the basket more unique.

If you decide to purchase a gift basket; many local florists, candy or bath shops will put together a gift basket for you. A less personal way would be to use one of the many internet sites that specialize in gift baskets. Most of these sites will also have ways to create a semi-custom a gift basket based upon several options of adding different gift items. One advantage of these internet shops is that they will have access to many gourmet food items that may not be available in your local area. A gourmet gift basket will always be appreciated.

One caution; for items that do not stand the heat, be careful shipping gift baskets where the hot summer days can damage the items. This is especially true of chocolate, fudge, and toffee.

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