Gifts for the Wedding Party

by AEA on June 2, 2010

Gift Ideas

The bride and groom typically hand out gifts to their wedding party to help show their appreciation for the time and money that they have spent.  The bridesmaids usually do the largest share of the planning, shopping and generally are there for many of the ups and downs in preparing for your big day, so many brides take the time to do a little extra for them.  Taking them out to lunch or a spa (if your pocket book can manage) a few days before the wedding or having a brunch for them the day of the wedding is a good way to show your appreciation for all they have done.  Great gifts idea for them would be:

  • Jewelry or an accessory that will complement their dress
  • Gift Certificates
  • Picture Frame
  • Hand Bag
  • Jewelry Box
  • Candles
  • Bath Soap and Lotion
  • Scrapbook

     For the groomsmen it is nice if they have hobbies that create great gift ideas.  If you are left clueless on what they would be interested in here are some general ideas:

  • Pocket Watch
  • Money Clip
  • Cufflinks
  • Pocket Knife
  • Gift Certificate
  • Poker Kit

     The flower girl and ring bearer can be a little bit easier to shop for; they will get excited over the littler things.  It is fun to put together a princess basket for the flower girl, with a head piece, wand, jewelry, glitter make-up, etc.  The ring bearer you can put together an activity tote, with markers, coloring and activity books, a game, yo-yo, cars, etc.  The little ones will also enjoy:

  • A gift certificate to their favorite shop
  • A gift certificate to a paint your own pottery studio or build a bear workshop
  • Toys of any shape or form
  • Games
  • Books
  • Movies

  • Jewelry box
  • Overnight bag
  • Tea set

      Don’t forget to pick out something for your parents, they typically are the most help.  It is important to give them a huge thanks not only for the help with the wedding but everything else that they have done for you.  Some great gift ideas may include:

  • A gift certificate to a small getaway or whatever they may enjoy
  • Jewelry
  • Picture frame
  • Vase
  • Throw or blanket
  • Personalized locket or pocket watch
  • A bottle of wine and glasses
  • Scrapbook

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