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Angel and Church made from Terra Cotta Pots

Terra Cotta Pot Angel and Church Making your own church and angels out of Terra Cotta pots: 1. Collect all your materials: 2 Terra Cotta pots for your church (2 different sizes) and a saucer to match your larger pot 5 - two inch terra cotta pots (for 4 angels) Paint Sealer Gold bell Wood [...]

Make your own Scroll Invitations

Instructions for Making Scroll Invitations Scroll invitations work great for weddings or a princess themed party. Here are a few simple instructions to get you started: 1. Start by making your scroll invitations on your computer and print them out on off white paper or other paper of your choice. 2. If desired make an [...]

Make your own Homemade Wishing Well

Wishing Well Craft Project Wishing wells can serve a few different purposes. First, they make a great decoration. Second, they collect different items for your event. You see them most commonly at weddings at the gift table, to hold the cards. I have also seen them at baby showers to collect baby books. You could [...]

How to make a Terra Cotta House for a Christmas Village

Terra Cotta Candy House for a Christmas Village This Terra Cotta house makes a great addition to a Christmas village. 1. First gather your materials: Mini pot Terra Cotta pot (the size will depend on how big you want your house to be) Two or three saucers for the top of the house Paint Sealer [...]

How to make Fleece Tie Blankets

Fleece Tie Blanket Instructions Fleece blankets make an easy and fast project for anyone to do. Here are a few simple instructions: -Buy two pieces of fleece that you think would look good together and that have the same width. For a baby you should buy around 1 yard, for a child buy 1 ½ [...]

Pine Cones Crafts

Pine Cone Craft Ideas There is so you can make with pine cones, from elegant centerpieces for an upcoming wedding or party, to a simple winter decoration for your home. Here are some simple guidelines to help you create a pine cone craft of you own: 1. When making crafts from pine cones you will [...]

Craft Project Using Clay Flower Pot

Ideas: Painting Flower Pots This project makes a great addition to a Christmas village or makes a unique gift for a teacher. You can leave the top unattached so you could store things inside. 1. First gather your materials, you will need: · Terra cotta pot (the size will depend on how big you want [...]

Party Hat Ideas

Party Hat Instructions    Design your own party hats for your next Birthday.  You can start out with cheap party hats and cover them up or make your own from scratch. It is a little less work to buy them and typically the hats will be sturdier. They are only a couple bucks for a pack of 10, [...]

How to make Terra Cotta Pot Bird Feeders

Free Patterns for Terra Cotta Bird Feeders Terra cotta pot bird feeders are a fun and simple project. There are plenty of different ways you can construct your bird feeder. You can make smaller bird feeders that hang from a tree or from your home, bird feeders that make great centerpieces for an outdoor table [...]

Invitation Design – Tri-fold with Center Fold Ove

Make Your Own Invitation This invitation design can be used for any birthday, anniversary, retirement or dinner party. The invitation design is rated at average in difficulty and cost to make is under $1.00 USD each, not including envelope. The invitation card can be mailed with or without an envelope. All materials can be found [...]