Pine Cones Crafts

by AEA on May 15, 2010

Pine Cone Craft Ideas

There is so you can make with pine cones, from elegant centerpieces for an upcoming wedding or party, to a simple winter decoration for your home. Here are some simple guidelines to help you create a pine cone craft of you own:

1. When making crafts from pine cones you will need to pick out a design or color scheme.

    For example, you might want your centerpiece to be a certain color to match your table setting, or you might want a more rustic and natural design to fit in with the feel of your home. After having an idea of what you would like to create, it will help you pick out different additions for your pine cone craft. If you are not sure on what kind of pine cone craft project you want to undertake, here are some ideas:

  • Pine Cone Candle Decoration (a circle of pine cones that surround the bottom of the candle)
  • Potpourri and Pine Cone Basket
  • Pine Cone Wreath or Tree
  • Pine Cone Ornament
  • Pine Cone Centerpiece
  • Pine Cone Bird Feeder

    2. Gather any craft items that you would like to include with your pine cones. Here are a few ideas:pinecone christmas craft ideas

  • garland
  • ribbon
  • cinnamon sticks
  • craft paint
  • glitter
  • potpourri
  • candles
  • red berries
  • greenery
  • twigs
  • or anything else you have in mind

3. Prepare all of your craft items. Some people like to put their pine cones in the oven for a little bit to melt the sap; this gives the pine cones an added shinny look. Putting the pine cones in the oven will also open up any pine cones that are closed and kill any bugs that might be hiding inside. Use a layer of tinfoil over your cookie sheet, to protect it from the pine cone’s sap. Then put them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes or until the pine cones are open. You can also soak them in soapy water to help remove the sap and get rid of any bugs. If you wash your pine cones make sure that they are fully dried before you start your next step.

4. If you want to paint your pine cones, this should be your next step. Spray paint works great on pine cones. Another fun way to paint your pine cones are to lightly sponge paint the tips of the pine cone giving it a frosted look. You might also want to think about painting some of your other items as well. When painting be careful not to get too much paint on at once, avoiding a lumpy look to your pine cones.  Instead apply many thin layers to your pine cones.

5. If you are interested in adding some scents to your pine cone craft project, you can use potpourri oils. Add your pine cones into a zip lock bag along with your oil and mix them all around. Some craft projects could simply be scented pine cones and potpourri in a basket.

6. If you are making a wreath craft or something that needs a little structure, you can use a wire hanger, twigs or a basic wreath from a craft store to help with your base.

7. Start putting together your pine cone craft project using a hot glue gun, wire, ribbon, etc. Keep in mind that some craft projects might not need to be put together. Sometimes all your items separately spread out onto your table can be a great touch for a pine cone centerpiece or you could combine them in a basket or glass bowl.

8. Add any finishing touches to your craft project.

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