Party Hat Ideas

by AEA on May 1, 2010

Party Hat Instructions

   Design your own party hats for your next Birthday.  You can start out with cheap party hats and cover them up or make your own from scratch. It is a little less work to buy them and typically the hats will be sturdier. They are only a couple bucks for a pack of 10, and sometimes you can find some uglier ones on clearance.

   If you want to make yours hats scratch, you will need a template, some study paper or poster board and elastic. Use the template to cut out the shape of your hats, roll them into a cone shape and tape the inside seam down. Then add small holes on each side of the bottom of your hats, so you then can add your elastic strap.

   Once you have your hats into shape, decide if you would like anything to be sticking out of the top. You could use strips of wrapping paper, ribbon, streamers, etc. Stick them into the top of the party hat and tape them down on the inside. You might have to cut the top of your hat a little if you are having trouble.

   Now it is
time to cover them. Wrapping paper works well. After your done, you can design them. Be creative, there is so much you could do. You could use: foam cut outs, streamers, fake jewels, wrapping paper, stickers, confetti, etc.

Have Fun!

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