Make your own Scroll Invitations

by AEA on June 15, 2010

Instructions for Making Scroll Invitations

princess invites

Scroll invitations work great for weddings or a princess themed party. Here are a few simple instructions to get you started:

1. Start by making your scroll invitations on your computer and print them out on off white paper or other paper of your choice.

2. If desired make an aged look to your invites. One way to accomplish this is
homemade craft invite by soaking your paper in tea for a few minutes or simply by rubbing tea bags over your paper. This shouldn’t mess up your print job, but you might want to test it out before doing all your invitations since all printers and paper are different. Another way to give your paper an aged look is to burn the edges of your paper using a lighter.

3. Start your dowels. Cut wood sticks to an inch and a half longer than the
homemade dowelswidth of your paper. You can purchase the sticks at most craft stores or Wal-Mart (they are very cheap).

4. Add any decoration to the ends of your sticks that is desired. You can buy wooden ends for an added elegant feel; these typically have holes already predrilled into them, so you will just need to hot glue them into place. You can also leave the end of your sticks plain or add some ribbon for decoration. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can paint or stain them.

scroll invitations
5. After your sticks are ready to go, super glue them to the top and bottom of the  scroll invitations.

6. Now roll the scroll invitation up and tie them off with a ribbon.

homemade princess invitations
7. If you are going to mail your scroll invitations, you will need boxes or tubes to put the invitations into. For an added touch, you can add rose pedals or confetti with your scroll invitations.

You can find tubes or boxes for your scroll invitations at some office supply stores or online at:

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