Magic Reindeer Dust Recipe and Poem

by AEA on June 15, 2010

Recipe for Reindeer Dust

We got the idea for reindeer dust from my son’s school.  Reindeer dust is a simple combination of glitter, oats and sugar. The glitter and sugar in the reindeer dust is supposed to help guide the reindeer to your home, while the oatmeal (or oats) will help feed the reindeer while Santa is busy feeling your stockings.

Now every year we have to make a batch of Reindeer Dust, so on Christmas Eve our family can go outside before bedtime and run around like crazy, signing and dancing while we spread out our magic dust. Our neighbors might think we are a little on the crazy side, but my kids love it. It has become a fun family tradition.

Magic Reindeer Dust Recipe

It all depends on how much you’d like. Pour a desired amount of oatmeal into a large zip lock bag, and then add glitter and sugar. Mix well and then empty out into sandwich bags. Tie off with a ribbon and add your poem.

Reindeer Magic Dust Poem

Make a wish and close your eyes tight,

Sprinkle this on your lawn Christmas Eve night,

As Santa and his reindeer roam,

This sparkly dust will lead them to your home,

The reindeer will love their oatmeal snack,

While they are waiting for Santa to come back.

Other Reindeer Dust Poems

There are so many different versions of this poem, so here are a few more to pick from:

Reindeer Dust Poem 1

Sprinkle on the lawn at night

The moon will make it sparkle bright

Santa’s reindeer fly and roam

This will guide them to your home

Reindeer Dust Poem 2

Magic Food glow real bright

Bring Santa to my house tonight

Show the reindeer where to go

from the night sky they’ll see you glow

Reindeer Dust Poem 3

Just sprinkle it outside your door

the glitter will give a light

the reindeer will smell the oats

and bring Santa on Christmas night

Reindeer Dust Poem 4

Scatter this upon the ground

Remember not to make a sound

Go to bed like good girls and boys

And see if Santa brings some toys.

Reindeer Dust Poem 5

When Santa’s sleigh is full of toys

Ready for Christmas Day

Use this special magic dust

To help him find his way

Just sprinkle it outside your door

Make a wish and really believe

The reindeer will smell the oats

And bring Santa on Christmas Eve

Reindeer Dust Poem 6

On Christmas Eve before you sleep,

Step outside and take a peek.

Can you see them? Are they near?

You don’t think so? Never fear!

While still outside do this simple deed:

Sprinkling this packet is a must,

The Reindeer will see the sparkly glow of the dust,

Along with the smell of oats in the air,

That will for sure lead Santa with care.

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