Whip Cream Relay - Kids Party Games

by AEA on March 22, 2010

Kids Party Game – Whip Cream Relay


Age: 3 +


  • Candy
  • Whip Cream
  • Plates
  • Paper Towels

Players: 2 +

Preparation: You will need to prepare a plate for each of your players, full of candy and whip cream. First place 10 to 15 pieces of candy down on each plate and then cover them up with a couple cups of whip cream. You could use gummy bears, runts, tootsie rolls, nibs, etc. Now at a table, set up a place for each of your guests, with a plate of whip cream in front of them, a wet wash cloth or paper towel on one side of their plate and a napkin on the other side of it.

How to Play: Now you are ready to play. Set up all your players in front of their plates and when you say go they will need to find as many pieces of candy as they can. The catch is, they cannot use their hands. The person with the most pieces of candy after 30 seconds wins.



Jen & Jade’s Rating

The girls had fun with this game. They loved getting messy and watching each other get full of whip cream. The game got a little to messy though. The real messy part came when they were left alone for a few minutes after the game, then they had too much fun with the whip cream. So I would recommend not leaving your players alone with the whip cream!


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