Balloon Yo-Yos

by AEA on March 22, 2010

Unique Party Favors

   Balloon yo-yos are easy and cheap to make. All you will need is 12 inch balloons, large rubber bands (found at an office supply store) and water. They end up being around 25 to 55 cents per yo-yo.

   To get started, fill your balloons half way full of air and add around 1 cup of water from your kitchen sink and tie. While putting water in the balloon, you will lose a little air, which is ok. You blew up your balloons a littler bigger than you needed them. They should end up the size of a softball.

   If your balloons are clear, you can add food coloring to your water to give your balloons a little more color. If you decide to use food coloring it is easiest to put a drop or two in your balloon before blowing it up.  You can even add a small toy to float inside your balloon.

   Now you will need to get your rubber bands ready. First, cut them so they are one long piece and tie them to the end of the balloon. Then add a small loop at the end of the rubber band for guests to put their fingers in.

   Now they are ready for your guests to enjoy.

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