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How to make a Balloon Drop

Balloon Drop Game Balloon drops are a fun game for any event! The main requirement for a balloon drop is a minimum of a 12 ft. ceiling.  Here are some simple instructions on how to create your own from scratch: 1. To build your own balloon drop, you will need two rectangular disposable tablecloths, balloons, [...]

Mini Balloon Tree – Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

How to make a Mini Balloon Tree      Balloon trees can vary in size and shape. This balloon tree stands about three foot tall and makes a great centerpiece for a wedding reception or other special event. Here is how to create one for your upcoming event: 1. Gather all your materials, you will need: [...]

How to Make Balloon Columns

Making Balloon Columns Balloon columns are air filled balloons that are attached to a base of some sort. You can make columns without a base, by using helium filled balloons but your column will not always stay straight up. You can purchase a base or make your own out of wood, PVC pipe or something [...]

Balloon Yo-Yos

Unique Party Favors    Balloon yo-yos are easy and cheap to make. All you will need is 12 inch balloons, large rubber bands (found at an office supply store) and water. They end up being around 25 to 55 cents per yo-yo.    To get started, fill your balloons half way full of air and [...]

How to make Balloon Arrangements and Bouquets

Balloon Bouquets Balloon bouquets typically refer to a group of balloons tied together. They can range in size, color and style. Most people will order there balloons from a local party store, but you can create your own balloon bouquets at home with a helium tank. You can buy helium tanks at Wal-Mart or most [...]

Stuffed Balloons - Stuffing Smaller Balloons inside a Large Balloon

How to Stuff Smaller Balloons into a Larger One Stuffing balloons inside a larger one makes for great decorations or for exploding balloons. To stuff balloons, all you will need in an air pump, a short stick (or an unsharpened pencil), a bunch of 5 inch balloons and a larger balloon (17 inch to 3 [...]

How to make a Balloon Cloud

Party Decorations – Making Balloon Clouds     Balloon clouds are typically seen at wedding receptions or other special events. The best thing about them is that you don’t need helium, which will save you money and you won’t have to worry about them falling during your event. Here are some simple instructions on how to [...]

DIY Exploding Balloon

Exploding Balloons If you like to decorate for parties, the exploding balloon is one of the better ideas. Here is an easy and inexpensive way to have the same balloon exploding effects as the pros. You must assemble the pieces and then attach to the balloons. This method works for one or several balloons and [...]

How to build a Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch A balloon arch works great to highlight an entrance or exit. You can build a single balloon arch, multi balloon arch or rainbow arch. Before you decide on what design you would like to go with, here are a few general hints. - Helium filled balloons start to fall 7 to 15 hours [...]