How to Make Balloon Columns

by AEA on May 15, 2010

Making Balloon Columns

Balloon columns are air filled balloons that are attached to a base of some sort. You can make columns without a base, by using helium filled balloons but your column will not always stay straight up. You can purchase a base or make your own out of wood, PVC pipe or something else that you might have on hand.

You make balloon columns close to them same way arches are made. Here are a few simple steps to make your own balloon columns.

1. Blow up two balloons and tie them together.

2. Blow up two more balloons, tie them together and then twist both sets of balloons together.

3. Attach the balloons to the bottom of your column base by twisting them on. The first set of balloons should be larger then the next several layers. The bottom and top layer of balloons should stand out more than the rest of the balloons by their size.

To make sure all your balloons are the right size you can make a template for your balloons out of poster board or cardboard. Cut out a circle from the poster board.  The circle needs to be the desired width of your balloons.  As you are blowing up your balloons for the column, stick the balloons inside the circle to insure you are getting the perfect size.

4. Repeat steps one and two and then add to your column. Repeat until you have reached the top of your column.

5. Add a large balloon on top to finish it off. To add a little more decoration, stuff your top balloon with another balloon(s) or with confetti.

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